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Missing our lovely @Rylan? Get yourselves over to @5star_tv tonight at 9pm for #CelebGhostHuntLive 👻🦇🏰 https://t.co/atLf77shi8

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What an incredible summer we've had! Thank you so much for watching and we look forward to seeing you all again in… https://t.co/a1w7ROeDJD

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Raccoons, 'goating' and a bag of 🍆🍆 These are the one-liners of the summer! 😂🐐😂 #CBB https://t.co/oiSSrbfXnA

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Why not take one last look around the #CBB House in all its glory before it gets a fancy makeover in January? 🏠🎨🖌https://t.co/0j6PA69g5D

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PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN: There is only one true love for Chelsea prince @SamThompsonUK... Broom anyone? ❤️🤴❤️ #CBB https://t.co/2xNS6lhNIH

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Gunge, tacos, murder and the infamous shock pads! Here are some of the most unforgettable tasks from this summer...… https://t.co/8b42sIlT4l

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⚡️ Some of @missgemcollins' best #CBB moments 😂 https://t.co/muDYCQLdMj

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PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN: From the people who brought you #BBBOTS we bring you... Borodorm - Starring the one and only… https://t.co/QcMXiqq6KZ

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⚡️ “The best CBB arguments ever 😠” https://t.co/xUKXbE6BXb #CBB

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There were blazing rows aplenty this summer. Watch some of the most memorable arguments between our potty-mouthed c… https://t.co/uI2Jid7ltd

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